Customer Engagement & Sales

Customer Engagement and Sales

With multiple full cycle account origination projects, our consultants are masters in executing retail and commercial loan origination IT transformation.

We leverage our deep expertise in SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to architect and design your account origination scenarios.

Loan origination is a business process that has the following characteristics:

Business Rules

This process has multiple variants with different behaviours at certain process steps and may require the need of a flexible business rules engine(s) which enables the level of flexibility to manage these complex variations. Examples of variants are Internal Refinance, External Refinance etc.

Data Entry

Mortgage origination processes involve comparatively large amounts of data entry by the end users and therefore one of the design considerations is to minimize the data entry by pulling data into the process from internal systems as well as external systems wherever appropriate.

Process Execution Sequence

There are certain process steps that have to be done in a certain sequence and there are certain process steps which are done without a strict sequence. Therefore, the process should be designed in manner which facilitates strict sequencing wherever required.

Multi-system process

Spans across multiple systems within the bank as well as multiple systems outside the bank.

Multiple User Groups

Spans across multiple users belonging to same as well as multiple departments in the bank.

Document Management

Some of the processes require multiple documents to substantiate it, based on checklists specific to the process.
A uniform view of your customer across your IT landscape is an absolute must for any financial services organization. Master data management - Customer master data management in particular – is one important problem to be solved while executing your core banking transformation IT Project. With extensive experience in SAP Business Partner and master data governance consulting, LeanThoughts consultants can help you in the following areas:
• Implement SAP Business Partner module
• Master Data Distribution and Synchronization
• Integration of Customer Master Data modules
• Implement Customer 360 Degrees view using SAP BP Total Commitment