Banking IT Transformation

Project management

Most banking IT transformation projects run into project delays and cost overruns.

There can be many reasons, but the prominent ones are loosely defined scope; absence of a clear execution plan; lack of content experts; absence of the right execution strategy for specific modules within a project, etc.

It is clear that the one-size-fits-for-all methodology for different projects is wrong. You need to be agile and engage the right experts with a clear solution design approach to help you to define your scope, provide the right estimates, and lay a clear execution plan. At LeanThoughts, our solution architects help you overcome project management challenges by offering you various services such as:

Defining detailed work break down structure
Defining detailed scope for the various modules
Effort estimations
Gap analysis and solutions for closing the gaps
Specific execution plans for specific modules based on the project situation

Solution Architecture

Enterprise Solution Architecture is much more than just defining high-level designs.

It is to help project managers by giving them detailed project plans with clear estimates. Moreover, it provides continuous support to your project teams by defining detailed solution designs and identifying the gaps in software and providing solutions. It also about guiding your teams on what and how to configure the systems, thereby leveraging use of standard software and minimizing custom development. It goes further to support your PMO by providing them clear execution plans, FIT-GAP analysis and overall support in project content management.

Novelhoughts has
experts with 15 years of SAP Banking development and implementation projects.
With this strong expertise, we can help you set up your SAP Banking-based IT
transformation projects.

Most projects
show big design flaws only in the acceptance phase. Our Solution Architects
help you conduct detailed solution reviews at every phase in the project.Thus, you
validate your deliverables early in the project,marching confidently through its
various phases with solid results.

Let our experts
help you with their content knowledge and experience. Our architects can eliminate
project risks,executingit on time with confidence.

Competence Care Enablement

Building expertise never stops with training your employees.

It requires working with experts who have an open mind to share knowledge to help you deliver projects, giving intelligent directions and coaching skillful execution.

There is a limit in depending on external consulting companies to provide expertise to you all the time. At some point, you have to enable your IT team to be experts in various modules of SAP Banking. LeanThoughts can help you build your SAP Banking competence centers. Our SAP Banking experts can train, coach and build experts within your own organization.Our areas of competence in SAP Banking are:

Account Origination on SAP CRM
Loans Management on SAP Banking Services and SAP Suite Edition for Banking (CML)
Deposits Management
Collateral Management
Master Contract Management
Business Partner
Packaged consulting services such as Data Migration, Development services on SAP Banking and CRM